Moving Forward Together - Week of June 15th. 2020

Dear Constituents, I was relieved to learn that our region of Ontario has progressed to Stage 2 of the economic re-opening, allowing campgrounds, restaurant patios, salons, outdoor recreation facilities, and other businesses to resume operations.

I’d like to thank the Ontario government for their pragmatic approach to this economic and public health crisis. I am confident that our businesses will manage this re-opening safely and responsibly.

Over the last few months, I’ve had many productive conversations with local business owners, tourism operators, and resource industry representatives about what they will need going forward.

Just because the economy is re-opening, it doesn’t mean our economy has recovered. Seasonal operations have already lost a large chunk of their summer season, local businesses have lost income, and workers have lost their jobs. That’s why I’m still fighting for more support for our region. The Kenora riding is facing unique challenges because so much of our economy is reliant on tourists from the US. Many local businesses are struggling to get by with reduced revenue while they wait for the border to re-open, and I am urging the federal government to provide clarity in addition to adequate funding. Tourist operators in particular need direct support if they are going to survive. As of right now, the federal government simply has not done enough. Indigenous History Month June is National Indigenous History Month. I’d like to thank all my Indigenous constituents for their contributions to Canada and to our riding. It is my honour to collaborate with Indigenous leaders and community members to get real results for the issues you face.


At Your Service

As always, if there is anything my office can assist you with, please do not hesitate to contact me by phone at 807-468-2170 or by email at


Eric Melillo

Member of Parliament - Kenora riding

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