Parliament Back in Session - Week of October 5, 2020

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Dear Constituents,

With Parliament back in session, I’m excited to be back at work in the House of Commons fighting for you.

Last week, I spoke up in Question Period to ask why FedNor has been missing in action while businesses in Northern Ontario are struggling to survive. I will continue to fight for the federal government to step up for our region.

I was happy to vote in favour of Bill C-4, extending supports for workers affected by COVID-19. This important bill passed with the support of all parties.

I was also proud to jointly second a dozen bills and motions in support of farmers, healthcare professionals, and energy sector workers; victims of violent crime; the LGBTQ2S+ community; and disabled and chronically ill Canadians.

Finally, I was delighted to deliver a speech to the House of Commons celebrating Randy Nickle and his team at the Kenora A&W, who were this year’s top fundraisers for the Burgers to Beat MS Campaign. Congratulations to everyone who participated!


Connecting with Constituents:

Over the past week, I’ve had a number of great meetings with constituents.

I appreciated the chance to speak to local Cystic Fibrosis advocate Brenda Chambers-Ivey about the importance of making the lifesaving drug Trikafta available to Canadian patients.

I also enjoyed having a meaningful discussion with the NAN Oshkaatisak Youth Council about issues impacting Indigenous communities in the North.

I was happy to join community members in Wauzhushk Onigum for the celebration of their new water service agreement with the City of Kenora. Congratulations to Chief Skead and all those who helped make this a reality!


Ending Boil Water Advisories:

I am deeply concerned by reports that the Liberal government may be walking back their promise to end all long-term boil water advisories by next spring.

Lack of clean drinking water in First Nations communities is a public health issue as well as an equality issue – it’s the last thing the Liberals should be moving lower on the priority list.

I am calling on the Prime Minister to ensure that Indigenous communities get the supports they need. They have been waiting far too long.


At Your Service:

I recently hosted a series of constituency days in Kenora, Dryden, and Red Lake. We’ll be doing more office days in the near future - I hope to see you there!

If you would like to arrange a meeting, or if there is anything my office can assist you with, please call me at 807-468-2170 (Kenora) or 807-223-2182 (Dryden) or contact me by email at


Eric Melillo

Member of Parliament – Kenora riding

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